My name is Adam Shepherd; I am a graphic designer and illustrator.
I specialize in making graphics for Drum & Bass, because I'm very passionate about dnb. :)
These are some works I've done.

Animation Reel

Graphic design and illustration work below.
Note that on mouse hower there's a little description and you have to use the back button on the browser to come back to this list. I am working on fixing my image-viewer :) sorry for the inconvenience.

About Me

Here are some things I love to do:

In no particular order

Graphic design

Graphic design

I've been making graphics with computers since 2007. My love for visual art developed in my early childhood with drawing. Later I discovered the world of photoshop and CGI, I realized that this is what I wanted to do for a living.

Concept Design and Illustration


I have been doing a lot of illustration with my cover artworks and I really enjoy the illustration process.

Producing music & sound design

Producing music & sound design

I'm working on some neurofunk tunes! COMING IN 2023! Stay tuned!

Producing music & sound design


I make mostly 2d and 2.5d animations, check out my reel at the top of the page :) .


  • Coming up with creative solutions to problems
  • High confidence and years of experience in creating still and moving images
  • Ideating and iterating on a design
  • Sketching, drawing and painting
  • Image manipulation and compositing
  • Type, icon and logo design
  • Synthesizing, editing, composing and modifying music/sounds
I am constantly learning and improving my skills, and love to take on challenges where I have opportunities to do so.


I've been using Photoshop for more than a decade, it is my main tool so it is second nature to me. I'm very capeable with After Effects and proficient at using Illustrator. I'm currently learning Blender to get into 3d.
I'm really good with Ableton Live and its native devices.

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I'm currently accepting new client projects.

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